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      Hebei Anshu Langsheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
      Phone: +86-318 8632786     Fax: +86-318-8632686
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      Tel: +86-318-6176965
      Fax: +86-318-6176966
      Post code: 053200
      Email: jzwantong@msn.cn

      About Us
         Hebei Anshu Langsheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is located in Jizhou Industrial Zone of Hebei Province. It’s next to No.106 National Road, 15km to Jing-Jiu Railway Hengshui Station. Unique geographical location, convenient transportation, and here you could enjoy the pleasant natural scenery with the beautiful Hengshui Lake nearby.
         The company is well-equipped. Half of the 70 sets various facilities are specialized and sophisticated CNC equipments for coupling manufacturing. Our company has more than 100 employees, 30% of them are medium or senior professionals.
         The ranges of Huatong Brand couplings produced in our company covers six sorts over 50 varieties and thousand specifications of standard and nonstandard products such as elastic coupling, drum gear coupling, universal coupling, plum coupling, sheet coupling, snakelike (S-shaped) spring coupling etc used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, hoisting and transportation industries... More »

      Enterprise Culture: Core of Wantong culture
         Enterprise Spirit: Personal mastery, human effort can achieve anything.
         Wantong Mission: Industry serves the country, contributing to societ.
         Core competitiveness of Wantong:
      People-centered, technology and innovation oriented.
         Embody of Wantong Enterprise Culture:
      Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation, Dedication, Cooperation.
         Business Philosophy:
            To the company, customer focus.
            To the administrators, staff focus.
         Market Idea: Market is changing all the time, integrity never
         Quality Idea: Standardization, precision, zero defect.
         Staff Idea
      : Wantong is developed depending on me;I am developed depending on the company.
         Service Idea: Sincerity, devotedly.
         Marketing Idea:
      We’re selling products as well as services...More »


      Copyright & copy; 2011 Anshu Langsheng Machinery. All rights reserved.
      Add: No. 868 Construction South Street Jizhou District Hengshui City  Post code: 053200
      +86-318-6176965  +86-318-6176966 Fax: +86-318-6176966 Email: jzwantong@msn.cn Website:http://www.wtlzq.com

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